5 Social Media Trends That Are Blowing Up

By now, you probably know that your business absolutely needs to be active on social media. Customers expect to find every company on Facebook and the only way to keep their attention is through great customer service and killer content. These 5 trends are where your focus should lie (and what The Skyline Agency recommends). 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing blew up in 2018. Brands are partnering up with social media stars to grow their reputation and spread awareness.

These influencer don’t have celebrity status but still have a monstrous ban base. They can be vloggers, models, athletes or just about anyone. The more followers they have the more they will cost you (obviously). Influencers’ fans love and trust them, making them an incredible option to market your products or services.

Brand Interaction Online

Brands have to treat online interaction and customer service as a must have quality. Consumers expect to be helped quickly and effectively over social media, as well as get their reviews commented on. In the same wavelength as partnering with influencers, asking for user generated content is a great way to put out content without doing a lot of work yourself. It’s also a great way to interact with your fanbase and make individuals feel special.


What the heck is augmented reality? In its simplest form, think Snapchat filters and Pokemon Go. Social media is truly developing th augmented reality trend. Facebook even owns a studio used to create designs for AR.

Paid Social Ads

If you’re not advertising on social media, what are you doing? A giant consumer base is waiting to hear from you, though there will be plenty of competition trying to get in your way. With Facebook’s new algorithms, businesses can’t stand out for free. That’s where paid ads come in.

First of all, for the non-believers, they really work. Secondly, you have the incredible ability to target your perfect market in a number of ways. From a range of demographics and psychographics to personal interests and likes on Facebook itself.

Live Streaming

Another road to becoming an interactive brand is by going live and allowing viewers to comment and ask questions. It seems like everyone is jumping on the live video bandwagon. Take advantage of this trend and try to get live on your social media accounts frequently.

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