Content is King. Is your brand in the court?

At times of uncertainty, human nature will seek answers on how to navigate. When the answers are relating to business and marketing, however, what is the best way to go? In this day and age, content marketing is the most utilized, high-quality form of informational reach initiatives that you can participate in. If your company or brand isn’t currently working to create and execute quality content, there are many ways that your business can participate so that you, and your message, can stay on the forefront of your desired consumer’s minds.

If you are someone who offers a service, and you have the opportunity to transition your service online, this is now the time to do so. Utilizing online digital meeting platforms can be helpful in being able to teach or guide your customer base. For those involved in the fitness industry, this can mean offering online sessions – both group and individual. This could also double as content that has been recorded and uploaded to YouTube for repeated use.

This can be also a technique used by educators, craftsmen and specialists in certain industries.

Ask yourself if what you work in has a level of curiosity in the public eye and address that curiosity directly.

For those who may work in a space that has a physical product to sell, there can be some creative yet simple changes that can help. If you own a clothing business, for example, it may be helpful to remove any restocking fee that you may currently have in place. This can be helpful for those who cannot go into the shop, itself, to try things on. Another good idea would be to create content showcasing popular items being worn by women of different sizes. Real life translation is necessary in a virtually-heavy world. 

Setting up a system where clients can purchase online and pick-up – often referred to as BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store) – can be very helpful. Be sure to have quality content and instruction so the consumer isn’t confused by the process and everything can be executed as smoothly as possible.

The human mind is programmed to notice things that are different, so don’t be afraid to do things a little differently in order to gain that attention. Take time to focus on their point of view and address them where they are in their learning or purchasing process.

If you’re not able to be physically open, digital platforms can be very helpful in staying in contact with your audience. A good idea is to be sure you’re showcasing purposefulness and authenticity. The more you show you care about the people, the more they will return the kindness when they can visit in-person, again.

By being proactive versus reactive, we are helping ourselves from falling into the fear – which can be counterproductive in multiple ways. By staying mindful and adding some imagination and creativity, we can all do our best to navigate for long term success in the future.

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