How to make your website work harder

A lot goes into making your website work harder for you. Too many landing pages, web pages, and articles can quickly lead to a cluttered, unfriendly experience for your visitor. You should constantly be cleaning and decluttering your website and marketing plan. A digital refresh can get rid of old, stale and ineffective strategies to make room for newer and more effective marketing that will drive more traffic to your website. 


To decide how you can make your website work harder for you, you need to have a clear understanding of what strategies are working for you. Be honest with what you have available and read through your most popular pages and items. 


Then you’ll want to take a moment to think on what you would like your customer to do on your website.

There are many actions that you’re looking for your web visitor to take:


  • Complete a webform 
  • Make a phone call 
  • Start a live chat 
  • Send an email 
  • Visit your business 
  • Purchase a product or service 


Once you have a clear idea of what you want to happen when a potential customer visits your website, you can decide on the flow of the traffic. That flow affects your design. 

Be sure to also evaluate any conversion tools or changes to the market that may have taken place. Tools you have used in the past might not be as effective now, so don’t be afraid to stop using ineffective ones. People are changing the way they search the internet and how they use it, your strategy needs to change with it. 


Once you have taken the time to critically review your website work, you can be better prepared to optimize it to your goals. The information you have collected will allow you to identify any gaps in your strategy or fuel an update to your content. Social media is also a great way to review the general feeling about your site and what it portrays. Be honest with yourself and what your “voice” is saying to a visitor.


It is also a good idea to invest in your business by partnering with a marketing firm that can help you in this competitive world. This can help boost brand awareness and come up with updated marketing strategies regularly, so you can keep growing and improving. They’re also great at providing constructive, outside criticism.


Marketing is a concept that is ever-evolving and flowing with the way the world changes. It’s beneficial to be honest about how your business is being viewed in the changing landscape.

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