Outdoor Advertising in a Digitally Saturated World

Outdoor advertising is a sight for sore eyes, with the average person’s eyes fatigued from continuously looking at screens. Whether it’s your phone, computer or TV we always seem to be looking at some sort of screen. Well, advertising contributes to that with constant pop up ads, streaming videos, animated banners, commercials… the list goes on. Too much screen time is dulling the senses to some forms of digital advertising. Don’t fret though, because there is still hope. Outdoor advertising like billboards, bus ads and more is here to catch attention when your customers’ eyes are tired of the screen. 

Why outdoor advertising

The population is becoming desensitized to online ads. When they come onto the screen, people wait a couple of seconds, quickly exit it and carry on. Billboards are a bit harder to ignore, especially when designed properly. They will catch the person’s eye and leave an impression. You know it only takes a moment to absorb a marketing message. According to a Neilson study, a majority of individuals who notice a billboard will look at the message and then are about 50% more likely to engage with the ad. This means people will likely remember and take advantage of the billboard’s call to action. When considering outdoor marketing, these are some of the most important tips to remember: 

More is more: The more billboards you’re able to have, the better results you’re going to see. The higher frequency at which people see your ads out there, the more likely they will remember your number and engage with you. 

Analyze this: Take a look at brands that are successful with billboards in your area and learn what sets them apart from their competition. 

Morning drive: Even though we live in a very digital world, the majority of the population still commutes to work. There is a captive audience for your billboard that will continuously see your ad. Find out what the best value is along major highways – knowing your audience’s patterns will help you tailor your ads to them. 

With so many methods readily available for advertising, it’s nice to know the screen isn’t the only way into the minds of your audience. It’s refreshing to see that out of home advertising still works. When used properly it can add a diverse element to a successful advertising campaign. The Skyline Agency can elevate any form of advertising you have – give us a call at 972 861 0416 if you want to take your ideas out of this world.

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