Print still has its Place

Digital marketing looks like it’s king of the world, but, as humans, we still prefer to have physical items that we can touch and feel. Books, magazines, brochures, maps, mailers, etc (print) aren’t gone from this world just yet.

While you definitely need to have a strong digital marketing strategy, it’s still advantageous to include printed materials where they make sense. Even when your customers unplug, you can still be there.

Here are four ways to do just that.

Turn downloadable offers into print pieces

It’s a smart idea to have some kind of downloadable piece on your site or in an email campaign, like an FAQ or a buyer’s guide. But there’s an opportunity to also redesigning it into a printed piece, something you can leave behind as a reminder.

Send direct mail with website CTAs

In a recent direct mail campaign from The Skyline Agency, more than 60% of direct mail recipients visit a promoted website. WHAT??

Ok yes, those numbers require a lot of strategy and a great prospect list of addresses, but they are obtainable. Be strategic in your messaging, design and choosing your target market.

Pitch PR to print publications

Just like it’s important to pitch PR to online publications, it’s also effective to get articles to industry publications that still have a good print circulation.

This is, of course, easier said than done, but for many industry niches, it can make a big difference.

Make a print version of your digital brochure

We’re not talking about your daddy’s print brochure here. This thing should look incredible and feel high-quality. Give it to hot leads and take some to promising events. Save the digital version to send all over the place.

Print ain’t cheap, my freinds. Pick and choose what’s really important. You can’t afford to be wasteful.

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