SEO, Meet Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing changed how we advertise in the digital world. SEO is the technical process of increasing quality traffic and ultimately attracting the maximum amount of visitors to your website. Content marketing is more focused on using relevant and valuable content to drive customer action. This article will go over how SEO can help your brand awareness, PPC, website traffic and lead generation. SEO needs to be strategized around content marketing. Since every website needs words and substance to be successful, both SEO and content marketing must work together.


Essentially, SEO is about researching and finding relevant keywords and making use of them in your content to rank higher in search engine results. Never stuff a page full of keywords and over optimize, because SEO and content marketing should work in harmony.

Keyword strategies are important for effective search engine marketing. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to analyze the most popular keyword volume and competition from high to low. Embed target keywords to rank well and boost traffic. But be sure to use a strategy and don’t overstuff your content. Repeating the same keywords can actually effect negative SEO negatively, so use the main keywords in the title and the content body.

The content should lure your customers, as well as be able to solve a particular problem. Fresh and unique content gets rapidly indexed and ranks higher than content that is repetitive.

SEO isn’t just blogs, linkbacks, keywords or articles, but it’s about using tags appropriately, enhancing metadata and also optimizing robots.txt. Using technical optimization makes a webpage appealing to the search engine and makes sure that the site has no broken links with any error codes like 404s.

To be successful, companies need to have a heavy online influence along with being on top of every SEO trend. Thankfully, The Skyline Agency have been named SEO Agency of the Year within the last 5 years. They can even do all of the nitty-gritty work, so all you have to do is watch as your business takes off. It is always a smart business move to be ahead of the competition and using SEO and an agency gives you the edge you need to cut your competitor’s out of the race.

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