Social Media 2020

Let’s talk social media 2020. You’ve got your companies’ social media all set up, brand new profile, everything is filled out, the display picture is charming and you’re hopeful. You look at your brand new platform and wonder: “Now what? How do I get people to see me and become interested in what I have to offer”. The first thing you need to make sure you are doing is utilizing all of the space on your profile and promoting your accounts so people know where to find you. 

Social media 2020 for SEO

If people are searching for you, your website needs to be the first one to pop up on search engines. Make it simple for them to find you on all social networks. Many website themes now incorporate social media platform icons that you can easily fill out. You can take those icons a step further and add your brand’s graphics or colors to it. For a more direct approach in promoting your social media accounts, try putting them in a monthly newsletter or e-mail signature. It’s a subtle reminder that if someone needs to contact you, there are plenty of options. 

Social media ads

Creating targeted ads on Facebook is a great way to boost your presence. Take advantage of Facebook’s audience data to target interest groups. If you’ve recently shopped for shoes online, you may notice ads for different shoe brands are popping up into your home feed. This is because Facebook took that data and started putting ads they think you will be interested in into your home feed. Once your ads are set up, use a tool to manage the comments you’ll inevitably receive. These tools will ensure you never miss a customer’s question again. 


A great feature available on Instagram and Facebook is being able to use shoppable tags. These are a must for retail brands. These tags identify your products to your customers and make it easy for them to purchase from your website. In this day and age, it is so easy to access your customers, so take advantage of it. If you want to grow your social media accounts and reach massive audiences online, contact The Skyline Agency.


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