The new norm of marketing

It’s no surprise that businesses have shifted their focus to grow their online presence during this time. Most people are still being understandably cautious when it comes to going shopping as restrictions are being lifted. Now more than ever people are shopping online and companies have to think about how they are going to reboot their business and what it means for their company. Restarting is going to look different for everyone as companies and businesses are opening at different times and in different ways; companies that were completely shut down are going to have to rebuild their digital footprint as well as their online presence again and businesses that were running at half capacity will also need to come up with a new strategy for relaunching as well.  


Your strategy may have worked well pre-pandemic, but now you are going to need to fine-tune it for the new norm. Offering your former customers the same services will not likely cut it, but a successful relaunch means communicating with empathy and also acknowledging the new norm. Start by recognizing the changes and addressing them in an empathetic way and reassure your customers that your company is taking the required safety precautions. Showing your concern and action plan will reassure your clientele that you have their health and safety in mind in your relaunch. A lot of companies will be eager to relaunch with their familiar marketing practices, failing to pivot to a client-based mindset.  


As we are all starting to navigate the “new norm”, companies that were as far away from creating an online presence are going to have to reconsider seeing as the new norm could include business owners going to the client instead of vice-versa. Digital marketing is going to continue to grow and transferring over to a digital platform will help you to be able to meet your customer’s needs quicker. When you are looking at a relaunch, you need to consider the possibility that something like this could happen again is your business able to make it through another storm? Now is the time to start a roadmap that includes this possibility so you can be prepared.   


2020 is the year of the unexpected and when you are chartering unknown territory you need to account for the unexpected. Now is the time to look at the bigger picture and prepare for the future.  

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