difference between advertising and public relations

What’s the Difference Between Advertising and Public Relations

What’s the difference between advertising and public relations? They are two very different animals, even though they are often confused with each other. To fully understand what the differences are and how they can benefit your company, keep reading. 

Advertising is Paid, PR is Free

For example, an advertising agency will pay for ad space or airtime and knows exactly when the ad will be published. Public Relation’s job is to get free publicity for your company. From news to press releases, they are focused on getting free media exposure for your company and its products or services. 

Creative Control

Creative control can be a very important factor for many businesses. If you’re dealing with an ad agency, and you are paying for the ad space, you have full control over what goes into the ad and how it looks and sounds. When it comes to PR, you have no control over how the media presents your information if they decide to use your information. 

Having your name or face in the public eye is a great way to make sure you are the first words on the consumers lips. Because you pay for the airtime with an advertising agency, you can run your ads repeatedly for as long as your budget allows. But when you submit a press release through a public relations agency, the exposure you receive around your event, product or buzzworthy opportunity will circulate one time and will likely die off after some time. This means we just need to create fresh, newsworthy ideas for you!

The more creatively effective you can be, the more you will draw in potential consumers. When you work with The Skyline Agency, we let the creativity flow and the team is able to bring your dreams to reality. More than marketing, we offer PR as well. Our experts have a nose for news and are able to generate a buzz through various news outlets. We flex our creativity here as well but do this by producing and coming up with ideas that the news finds intriguing. 

Here at The Skyline Agency, we work with you and strive for perfection. We bring your ideas to life and help you understand the process the whole step of the way. Get in touch with us today if you’re tired of the same old dance and are ready to spice it up. 

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