Why is Advertising Important in a Crisis?

When companies become desperate, many tend to cut marketing budgets – but they should be asking themselves: why is advertising important in a crisis? As Covid-19 begins its reign of terror on our country, it’s safe to predict that a lot of businesses are rallying together right now. They’re trying to figure out what their next steps are to make sure they come out swinging on the other side. The first thing that needs to be said is to always be communicating with your customers. Always let them know you’re here and what your plan of action is. Make sure you try to stay as positive as possible and steer away from hearsay statements and unverified information. The pressure is ramping up on marketers who are expected to ride out this public health crisis. While some companies have products that are in high demand, some companies are already starting to hurt, and this is only the start. 

So, why is advertising important in a crisis?

Added Support

Right now, you shouldn’t be asking yourself, “how can I sell more?” You should be asking yourself, “how can we be supporting customers through this?”. An increasing number of eCommerce, tech and media companies in China have stepped up and donated over $2 million and counting to relief funds. The support from your brand doesn’t need to be that extreme, but contributing to people who need it at this time is the right thing to do. It doesn’t hurt your PR status either. 

Ensure Brand Safety

Contextual targeting powered by the change in your privacy regulations is having a huge resurgence right now. This is all about putting ads in the right context, and during this extremely sensitive time you need to be extra diligent. More than ever, pay attention to where your ads are popping up. For example, placing travel ads in Italy or China right now will be viewed as incredibly inappropriate due to the extreme travel limitations that are on both countries right now. To avoid painting your brand in a negative light, you can use data analyzing tools to better understand where your ads and content are going to be successful. 

Relevant Creatives

With Covid-19 front and center in the media (and there not being much else talked about as of late), incorporating keywords and visuals that are relevant to the crisis at hand can help you draw traffic to your brand. This doesn’t mean using them indiscriminately for products that aren’t related in any way. However, if your product has the potential to help people right now, you should have a relatively easy time getting your message and product out there right now. 

It’s time to come together as a community to help out our local businesses. Even if it’s just buying a gift card, you don’t realize what that can mean for that entrepreneur. Covid-19 is something that can’t be ignored, but keeping a positive attitude and making sure you are looking at the big picture can be the difference between pulling through successfully or really hurting. 

From everyone at The Skyline Agency, we hope you are keeping safe and well. 

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