4 Characteristics Ad Agencies Should Have

Marketing on the internet is perplexing, no matter who you are. Companies often get kicked off Google completely for illegitimate practices. Best case scenario, they make too many mistakes and don’t get the results they expect. That’s why ad agencies are here to help! But not all ad agencies are created equal. Read on to see the four characteristics an agency you should hire should have.


An agency that won’t let you in on what they’re doing for your brand, how they’re doing it and won’t update you regularly should raise red flags. You, the client, should be well informed about everything that’s going on. Especially when you trust the success of your business to a third party. Ask for access to any platforms for ads, SEO etc. and see what they have to say.

A great portfolio

See great work on their website? Chances are you’ll receive a similar treatment. But keep in mind, if an agency only works with Fortune 500 companies and big names, they could cost a bit more than a smaller agency that still puts out great design, branding and marketing efforts. Just make sure they pay attention to the details and have the experience you expect for your brand.

Willing to sign a contract

Most agencies will have a contract template of some sort ready, but you should be able to change things and talk over your needs. Also be sure to pay attention to the length of the notice period – three months is standard.

Regular reports

This goes in part with the paragraph on transparency. Depending on how much digital advertising your doing with your ad agency, you should be working with various metrics – Google Adwords results, banner ad performance, website metrics and more. Be sure to come to an agreement with your agency on how frequent reports should land in your email and what you expect to see.

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