5 Essentials to Branding a Non-Profit

Ok, you’re branding your non-profit company. First things first – you need to consider how your donors and volunteers will relate to whatever concept you’ve crafted up. You need to be able to easily show the path your nonprofit intends to take now, as well as future facing to keep people on board.


Resonating with donors is key to getting funding, while your volunteers have to believe in your nonprofit for motivation. Pulling them both together means you’ve developed a successful branding strategy.


How you resonate with your market

While you may love and appreciate the brand you’ve created and how it shows your mission, the big idea to ponder is how it will resonate with potential donors and constituents. Work with an ad agency to temper your passion. The Skyline Agency works with one non-profit every year. They understand that your donors and your brand must align with the value of their investment. The constituents have to feel like the brand represents them in an authentic way as well.

Non-profit clarity

Your entire brand, website, print collateral, etc should be clear and simple, so donors and anyone else can easily take in your message and navigate your materials.

Value front and center

Your non-profit is all about the values. They should be boldly displayed and easy to read for donors trying to decide what cause to support. If there’s one area to focus on it’s this.

An incredible name

It all starts with the name. You should clearly convey your mission or your service in the name for any non-profit. Donors always look at the name when the time comes to fund a business (hint hint). To go along with your shiny, new name, your logo should be simple and bold, featuring positive a color scheme.

An authentic voice

Your brand voice should promote trust and transparency. It helps to use market research and focus groups to create a voice for specific personas that could benefit from your services. Don’t be too catchy or cliche, use a conversational tone that’s soothing and shows compassion.

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