5 Ways To Improve Your Outdoor Billboards Advertising

Go digital or go home

The static billboard is done. 1400 new outdoor digital billboards have been erected in the last two years, not to mention the immense amounts of bus ads, airport ads, and so much more. The movement is real and is gaining customer attention as well as saving advertisers money.

Mobile ads in harmony with billboards

Many of these digital outdoor ads are outfitted with beacons that hit a mobile device as consumers walk by. This could be a simple banner ad or SMS message, an opt in or even a digital coupon. Micro targeting just got a big step up.

Advertise Digital Brands

“Netflix recently purchased nearly three dozen billboards on Sunset Strip that it will use exclusively to advertise its own programming. Netflix is on the cutting edge of technology, and it has chosen to invest heavily in OOH, reflecting the vitality of the medium.”

Show off Real-Time Data

The absolute best thing about billboards (especially digital ones) is their ability to harmonize with their surroundings or real-world variables like the weather, or nearby locations. If it’s raining a store might post umbrellas and coats. If it’s sunny, sunscreen. You get it. Digital boards can change from one minute to the next, but static boards can still offer fun plays around locations or seasonal ads.

Get creative

You don’t have much time with billboards and (hopefully) drivers are paying attention to the road. Which means you’ve got to get creative. Shocking information, incredible art, or weird shapes are all things that can catch the eye of the traffic passing by.

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