An Inexpensive Way to Grow Your Marketing Efforts

2020 has had a rough start and small businesses have taken a hard hit. Marketers are confused about how to respond to the pandemic and how to keep their consumers’ attention while staying within their budget. A common remedy that businesses should be focused on is their social media presence; it’s the perfect combination of little-to-no-cost and an increase of traffic. A recent study shows that social media users in the U.S. believe that social media usage will rise up to about 60% during the Covid pandemic. If your business did not already have a social media presence pre-Covid, you’re already behind- but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start!  If you’re someone that’s confused about how to utilize their social media platform and how to grow it during these times, these are 3 C’s you should know 


Always remember that “Content is King”. By that we mean that the better content you post, the more likely your brand will be remembered or recognized. During the times of Covid, it might be useful to post things such as how your business is handling the situation and that you’re dedicated to the safety of employees and customers. Reassure your consumers that you will always be ready for them and keep a positive attitude! If you’re not the best at curating creative content, there are a bunch of creatives-for-hire that are ready to help! 


Cadence, or how often regularly scheduled things happen, is a concept that is often over looked when talking about social media. When posting content on your platforms, you should create a schedule of when to post, including the days and time of each post. Social media platforms often have tools to see when your followers are most active on the app- use that to your advantage and build your cadence around those days and times. Each post should be meaningful, so make sure to extend that to the time you post as well.  


Last but not least, you should always be looking to establish or strengthen your connection with your audience. Whether it be replying to comments or reposting a follower’s photo featuring your brand, any small step will make you that much closer with your audience. Social media is the easiest- and the least expensive- way to reach your consumers.  

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