Escalate Your Marketing

In this fast-moving world, newer and better marketing strategies are revealed every day. How do you stay on top of it?  It can seem like a difficult task, because advertising and marketing are ubiquitous: people are exposed to it everywhere they look. Product placement integration in a movie or television show – advertisements inside emails and text messages – consumers can’t get away from marketing unless they go “off the grid”.  If you want to be seen, you have to make your business stand out from the pack.

Stay focused 

You can do better marketing, but some focus ideals should be employed. Focus on one proposition you want to get across to your customer and don’t overload your consumers with phone calls, product plugs or emails. 

Make your point short, concise and powerful. Think “less is more” when it comes to marketing. Start thinking creatively and writing down all ideas. These days, every mom and pop shop does TV commercials and flyers. Instead, try making a YouTube video or going live from the company’s Instagram account to do a product reveal. 

Writing is everything

Also, be mindful of written copy. A good slogan or catchphrase can take your message above and beyond and allow you to potentially go viral. Customers tend to not trust those who don’t spell check, so make sure you do a thorough run-through of any text you plan on publishing. Studies show that you have 3 seconds to capture your customer’s attention – so be original, specific and offer value to your reader. Write about things that matter to your consumer and can be tied back into your product and business. Flaunt the aspects of your product that set you apart from your competitors. People are drawn to new and exciting products so don’t be afraid to point out about what makes you great. 

Remember: hire a specialized agency to help with your better marketing strategy. It’s their job to know what the trends are and they have a group of people who will help you to think creatively and strategically with the goal to set your company apart from the rest. 


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