Brand Strategy 101

Even before your company is up and running, you need to think about brand strategy. Before you start going into overdrive trying to pick out the perfect shade of blue for your homepage, or which tone you are going to use on social media, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. 

When you’re putting together a brand strategy, think about your specific and long-term goals. Sure, these can be achieved over time and evolve, but the foundation has to be defined. A well-executed brand strategy will affect all areas of business and will be directly connected to consumer needs, emotions and competitive environments. 

By the way – your brand is not your logo, your website or your name. It’s so much more than that. It’s your promise to consumers. While understanding what your business promises is necessary when defining your positioning, knowing the specific differentiator between you and your competitors is going to help you in the long run. 

Your purpose can be viewed in two different ways. It’s either functional, which is where the concept focuses on the evolution of success in terms of immediate and commercial reasons – i.e. the purpose of the company is to make money. Or your business is classified as intentional, and this concept focuses on success as it relates to the ability to make money and also do good in the world. While making money is important, operating under that notion alone does little to set you apart from your competitors. 

Consistency is also another thing to be aware of when it comes to your online presence. When it comes to your website, your digital marketing and posting to your social media, does it correlate with your identity or is it out of touch and confusing. If it’s hard for you to tell, it may be a good time to get help. The Skyline Agency is a full-service advertising and branding agency with years of experience both digitally and traditionally.  

In your efforts to give your business a platform to stand on, you need to make sure that your message is cohesive with your brand and how you want to present yourself. Consistency across all platforms will make sure you are memorable to your audience. We’re here to help. Contact The Skyline Agency today. 

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