How to sell my product or service

The hardest question a marketer has to answer is, how to sell my product or service. Sometimes there are already better variations of this product available and your competitors have already been successful. Maybe it’s all been done before. Unfortunately, having that “ah-ha” moment on how to sell your product or service all comes down to a very boring word called process. 

Follow up

The most important and first step you should be taking to answer the “how to sell my product” question is to follow up with your buyer. Regardless of what you are selling, this step becomes increasingly important when it comes to a relatively undifferentiated product in a competitive market. You always want to be the first one to respond to the buyer. Imagine this. You are driving and you need gas. You pull into a gas station and see a sign that says, “Out for Lunch, come back for gas in 30”. Guaranteed, you will keep driving down the road to another gas station instead of waiting. 

Be persistent

Always be appropriately persistent. If you fail, try, and try again, but not too much and not too often because then you cross the line into annoying territory. If you are calling more than 5 times, chances are that the buyer isn’t interested and it may be time to cut your losses. The more you persist, the more negatively the consumer will feel towards your company. 


If you are lucky, engage with your buyer through multiple platforms. It can become incredibly counter-productive if you’re only keeping in contact through email. To fully engage your buyer, you need to reach out through multiple channels and figure out which form seems to reap the most results. If you are selling in a competitive sector, this is a sure-fire way to help set you apart from the competition. 


Even though going through a process can be a cumbersome task, it’s something that puts the most successful companies where they are.  It’s like that old saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. 


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