It’s Almost 2019 – Stop Screwing Your Social Media Advertising

Blindly posting to the wrong audience

Think you can shoot targets with the same accuracy when you aim vs when you’re blindfolded? Probably not. Same thing goes here when you post on social media advertising platforms. Blindly posting isn’t going to give you anywhere close to the results you deserve. When you create paid promotions, Facebook and Instagram give you fairly simple options for targeting customers. It’s less straightforward when it comes to writing in a voice that speaks to a generation and create visuals that help people understand your message. Luckily, The Skyline Agency have social media advertising experts that understand this ever changing platform and perform on a higher level than most businesses could on their own.


Over-promotion and under-socializing

Too much ask for not enough give has been a problem for brands for as long as social media has been around. So much so that even large companies are losing Likes and Followers. If you want to promote, be efficient. Don’t “sell” every single day. No one likes to be sold to. There’s actually a much bigger opportunity in play here. A chance to be social. It’s called social media after all. Don’t just post – add to the conversation in the comments.


Not tracking analytics

Yes it’s the boring part, we get it. But it’s also incredibly important. There’s no point in doing social media advertising on Facebook or Instagram if you’re not learning from your insights and growing as a brand. Learning what works and what doesn’t helps you streamline your social efforts and save money in the future.


Not utilizing video

Content is crucial (we’re as tired of “Content is King” as you are). Trust me, we get that good video is expensive and time consuming. It’s well worth the investment, however. Another great option, and one that’s trending, is more candid video. Smartphones have pretty amazing cameras and editing software these days, plus you can find stabilizers and tripods that will fit your phone. There’s plenty you can do to up your video content today. Your followers will thank you.

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