Using Social Media to increase sales 

Businesses are taking to their social media platforms to keep up to date and continuously be in contact with their customers as we all navigate a world run by curbside pick-ups and arrowed socially distanced aisles. The question is how do you keep your sales numbers strong without having the conventional brick and mortar store-front? Easy, you sell on your social. Almost everyone is accustomed to online shopping at this point and your store shouldn’t be any different. Keep reading if you are looking for ideas on how to interact with your customers and how to draw in potential customers with your online presence. 


Since you are looking to boost sales through a social media platform, the first thing you should be doing is posting captivating, interesting pictures. Some places do behind the scenes shots of production, package design, product design, and even sneak peeks of finished products before they are released. Humans are visual beings and you need to be able to captivate them in a brief second as they are scrolling. Social media often plays a critical role in the success or breaking of a business, scope out your competitors’ social to see what kind of theme they are going for with their products and expand on it with your twist and creativity. This will set you apart from them and potentially gain you some new customers. 


Interacting with your client base is one of the most important things you can do to have a positive social media experience. Having customers be able to reach you and voice their concerns, constructive criticism and having them voice their experience with your business is a great way to build relationships and cement customers in. People want to know they are talking to other people, not robots, so be personable and apply what they want (in moderation) to your business plan. You will be surprised how quickly you can increase your sales when you implement suggestions from people who want to continue supporting you. 


The current state of the world is calling for people to think outside of the box when it comes to pushing their products and services. People are keen to support local and small businesses right now, show them you are worth their time and financial investment. 


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